San Giorgio della Richinvelda (PN)

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news >> 24th August 2013
Sturm Graz is the champion! See you in 2015!

news >> 24th August 2013
Both semifinals have been extremely balanced and both have ended with penalties. Cagliari overtook Atalanta, whilw Sturm won against the defending champions of Eintracht. The final then is the unprecedented match: Sturm and Cagliari.

news >> 23rd August 2013
Cagliari is the first semifinalist of our tournement! The tie with Montebelluna (0-0) allows the team from Sardinia to turn for disadvantaging Montebelluna and Sao Paulo, which greets Friuli Region winning 3-0 against Gravis, that by the way fought hard for all first half of the match.

news >> 22nd August 2013
It just ended the second turn of eliminating round. In the A round Eintracht convinced again as a goal machine with 7-0 against Sacilese and jump at the top of the rank, almost sure of having the chance of going to semifinals. Udinese released against Chievo Verona, with a victory. On the other hand, Sacilese is out. In the B round, a more balanced situation: the tie Cagliari with Sao Paulo brings to 4 points the guys from Melis, reached then by Montebelluna which won 2-0 against a persistent Gravis. In this round only one team will pass the turn. In the C round Atalanta and Sturm Graz go together with 6 points and they both have the possibility to turn for. Pordenone and Rijeka are out. You can find all scores and rank on the pages of the website and on our facebook page! We wait for you tomorrow.

news >> 21st August 2013
Let's start! With a spectacular operning ceremony (photos) realised by Flavio d'Andrea, the 14. Torneo dell'Amicizia has started. In the first match, the champions of Eintracht won against Udinese 2 a 0 (photos).

news >> 19th August 2013
Great success for the Opening Ceremony of the Tournament with a lot of institutions and sport people. All the pictures on our facebook page.

news >> 11th August 2013
You can find now online all the match programme or you can download the pdf version.

news >> 6th August 2013
The new edition of the tournament is starting! These are the teams participating:
Eintracht Frankfurt / Germany
Sao Paulo / Brasil

Rijeka / Croatia
Sturm Graz / Austria
Chievo Verona

The complete programme in few days.


news >> 4 September 2011
Final standings
1. Eintracht Frankfurt
2. Olympique
3. Atalanta
4. Chievo Verona
5. Cagliari
6. Tottenham
7. Montebelluna
8. Lazio

news >> 4th September 2011
Final 1st/2nd place
Olympique Marseille - Eintracht Frankfurt 1-5

news >> 4th September 2011
Final 3rd/4th place
Atalanta - Chievo Verona 2-1

news >> 3rd September 2011
the 1st participation, Olympiques goes to the final! And Eintracht again... for the 4th time.

news >> 3rd September 2011
Atalanta - Olympique Marseille and Eintracht - Chievo Verona are the two semifinals matches of tonight! Alle results here

news >> 1st September 2011
All today's matches are finished. Five teams are already qualified to quarter-finals
: Olympique, Eintracht, Cagliari, Tottenham, Chievo Verona! Tomorrow the last preliminary phase matches.

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news >>1st September 2011
No surprises in the moring. Eintracht won with Padova, Olympique won with Udinese.
Chievo-Tottenham 1-1 while Cagliari-Pordenone 20-0.

news >> 31st August 2011
Great opening ceremony tonight! Fireworks to present all participating teams. Then the first match Lazio-Montebelluna.

news >> 24th August 2011
Everything is ready for the new edition!

news >>24th August 2011
Tottenham, Olympique Marseille and Cagliari are at their first participation at our tournament.1


San Giorgio della Richinvelda - ITALY
2-6 September 2009

news >> 26 settembre 2009
Online the photogallery of the tournament!

news >> 6 September 2009
Eintracht is the winner! For the 3rd time!
Final ranking: 1. Eintracht, 2. Lazio, 3. Atalanta, 4. Genoa, 5. Ajax, 6. Parma, 7. Reggina, 8. Inter.

news >> 5 September 2009
Three matches at penalties! Eintracht, Genoa and Lazio to the semifinals. Atalanta - Inter 2-0. All results online!

news >> 3 September 2009
Eintracht, Ajax, Atalanta, Inter, Genoa, Parma, Lazio, Reggina are the final 8 teams! All results online!

news >> 3 September 2009
Ajax, Atalanta, Inter are going fast! All results online!

news >> 1 September 2009
Let's start! Teams from Japan and Spain are altready in Italy. We are waiting for you at the matches. The first match is INTER - SIVIGLIA.

news >> 22 agosto 2009
Il 12° Torneo dell'Amicizia parte col botto. E' in programma infatti una partita inaugurale d'eccezione: a contendersi i primi 3 punti INTER e SIVIGLIA che si affronteranno mercoledì 2 settembre 2009 alle ore 21 a S. Giorgio della Richinvelda. Prima del match tutte le squadre sfileranno nella tradizionale parata.

news >> 22 August 2009
The 12th edition is going to have a great start! The first match will be INTER - SIVIGLIA on Wednesday 2 September 2009 at 9 p.m. in S. Giorgio della Richinvelda. Before the first match there will be the presentation of all teams.

news >> 3 agosto 2009
Online the photos of the press conference


Created with flickr slideshow.


news >> 12 July 2009
Press presentation:
there will be on GTHURSDAY 30 JULY to the Azienda Agricola Cantina S. Martino in S. Martino al Tagliamento the official presentation of the 12. Torneo dell'Amicizia.

news >> 24th June 2009
We get MILAN! For the 3rd consecutevoly edition, the team of Milano accepted our inviation.

news >> 28th May 2009
LEO MESSI wins the Champions League. His deubt like a fenomeno in Italy at our Tournament in 2003. You can find it on the website of the Gazzetta dello Sport http://www.gazzetta.it/gallery/Calcio/05-2009/finalechampions/messi-gia-fenomeno-2003-50460815231.shtml.

news >> 27 May 2009
SUPER APPLICATIONS!. Inter, Ajax, Funabashi, Triestina, Udinese, are some of the big teams that applied to our 12th edition of the Tournament. We are waiting for other important teams from all Europe.

news >> October 10, 2008
NEXT EDITION! The dates of the next edition are now defined. The 12th edition of TORNEO DELL'AMICIZIA (Friendship Tournament) will be held on 2-3-4-5-6 September 2009 with 16 international teams, under 16 (1993)

news >> September 2, 2007
LIVERPOOL IS THE CHAMPION!! The Enlgish team of Dave Shannon wins the 11th edition of the Tournament beating Atalanta at penalties. Then Milan and Real Madrid.